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CGCA code of Ethics

C.G.C.A. Code Of Ethics

• I will always clean with the health of my customers in mind

• I will provide my customers with up to date professional cleaning services

• I will continue to improve my knowledge and education with the C.G.C.A.

• I will keep abreast of Industry Standards & continue to take on-going training

• I will make sure to provide on-going education & training for my employees

• I will meet the environment protection standards and obey all provincial laws

• I have pledged to hold above all else honesty and thorough workmanship in customers’ relations

• I will abide by the C.G.C.A. “Code of Ethics” and the legal terms and conditions for membership in the CGCA

• I will abide by the "Terms of Use" and "Media Usage" agreements as defined on the website.

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