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Green Or Organic?

“Green or Organic chemical reduces or eliminates the use and production of a hazardous substances. The general public believes that “green” or “organic” means plant based. This is a misunderstanding.


Ethanol is a soybean, corn based product, but you would not consider it to be a “green” or “organic” product. It is flammable, will dry the skin, and irritate the nasal membranes and many other undesirable effects. Is this product considered safe for pets, families or the environment?   

Warning!: Just because something is derived from natural ingredients, does NOT make it green.

“So What Does It Mean To Be Green?”

So “green” or “organic” in cleaning means that the process used in formulating the cleaner reduces or eliminates the use and production of hazardous substances to humans and the environment. It applies to all parts of the product’s life cycle.  

Not only the ingredients, but also the process of formulation becomes dominant. Two companies can use the same ingredients. When the process of formulation is different, one product can be “green” / “organic” ... the other ... NOT!!” 

The National Interuniversity publishes this information 

As we step into technologically advanced times, where the borders of concept and reality are becoming thin, our society and industry are becoming more reliant on the products that are not so eco-friendly. Thousands of products and services are adding their share to the shrinkage of Ozone layer; many products work in a way that either harm or degrade nature.